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In a rapidly advancing information age, it is more crucial than ever that we install and maintain a flexible communication infrastructure that serves our present as well as future needs. Net Electric’s Communications Group is your end-to-end solution provider for your wired and wireless voice, data and multimedia networks. We are BICSI affiliated and have the firm support from leading vendors and manufacturers in the Canadian marketplace.Our highly skilled team will provide you with future-proof connectivity to meet your communication requirements for years to come. Net Electric’s Systems Designers have a wealth of experience in many diverse environments including twisted pair, optical fibre, Wi-Fi, cellular, local area networks, wide area networks, computer room design, security and surveillance systems and CATV.

Our designers employ state-of-the-art CADD and BIM systems to provide detailed layouts of all network services which is crucial for maintenance and future alterations.

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structured cabling

Intelligent Building & Structured Cabling

Net Electric’s Communication Group is uniquely suited to design, project-manage, install and certify a structured cabling system that is warranted, not simply to meet, but to exceed your performance well into the future.

During the design phase, we will assist you with selecting the solution that will suit your needs, ensuring that your bandwidth requirements are met and that the preferred vendor’s system is installed in accordance with applicable warranties. We provide on-site training for patching and management as part of our project services to ensure that the physical attributes of the solution are to your satisfaction. This affords you the peace of mind and comfort that accompanies all Net Electric installations.

Installing a state of the art cabling system requires a high degree of skill. Net Electric guarantees that each of our technicians is suitably trained and performs their job safely and neatly.

Our cabling services cover the complete range of communications technology:

  • Category 3, 5e, 6, and 6a solutions
  • Cable assemblies and patch cords
  • Cable mapping, trouble-shooting and certification of new and existing systems
  • Fibre optic cabling networks (including desktop and backbone cabling)
  • OTDR and TDR testing
  • Telephony router, frame relay and private connections
  • Network switches, routers and hubs
  • Intelligent building systems
  • Network design and implementation
  • Analogue, digital and VoIP voice systems
cellular and wireless

Wi-Fi & Cellular Wireless Services

If you plan to implement a wireless network within your warehouse, office, hospital, school, airport, factory, or retail property, and don’t need to look any further than Net Electric. We are a full-service, high-quality wireless network design and installation provider with years of experience.

Our Wireless network design, consulting and installation services include:

  • Wireless network feasibility studies, Wi-Fi, cellular and RFID site surveys and reports
  • Wireless network design and CAD drafting
  • Wireless network installations and integrations
  • Wireless security and performance audits
  • Spectrum analysis and radio wave propagation studies
  • Wireless hardware configuration
  • Software and firmware upgrades

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