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Net Electric Limited is committed to a goal of zero workplace injuries and illnesses.  It is our policy to perform all work in the safest manner possible, and consistent with The Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects, Electrical Construction and Maintenance Worker’s Safety Manual, and agreement between the I.B.E.W. and E.C.A.O.


While it is our responsibility to provide a work environment that is as free as possible from potential hazards, our employees are responsible for the following;


1) Performing all work in the safest possible manner


2) Reporting hazards and/or unsafe conditions


3) Using suitable personal protective equipment as required


In all circumstances, first priority is given to protecting our employees, visitors and subcontractors from workplace injuries, and preserving materials and company assets from fire, damage and other losses.


In the unfortunate event of a workplace injury, and in keeping with our "Early and Safe Return to Work" program, we will work closely with all parties involved in order to minimize lost time from work and return our employees to suitable employment as quickly as possible.


Ove Bakmand