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Net Electric's design and engineering department provides our customers with accurate, quick and cost effective services for their commercial, industrial, institutional and transportation facilities. Our engineer and fellow designers are extremely well versed in all aspects of CADD and BIM and are in complete compliance with all applicable CEC, NEC, IEC, EIA/TIA and BICSI codes and standards.


Please take a moment to contact us if you require assistance with any of our following disciplines:


Design of Lighting System


• Determining the lumen levels (Lux) together with lighting controls requirements for power savings, for both indoor and outdoor lighting systems

• Light fixture layout for normal, emergency, critical and life safety systems complete with fixtures identification, occupancy sensors, dimmers, etc.

• Worst case egress lighting estimations

• Lighting load estimations and determining numbers of feeders for lighting panel

• Lighting distribution panel design

• Switchgear sizing

• Determining transformer size for lighting distribution systems

• Designing the life safety and emergency panels

• Determining the lighting panel location based on inputs provided


Power Systems


• Determining the receptacle, electrical and electronic equipment requirements

• Determining the loads for electrical and electronic equipment

• Determining the connected load on each circuit

• Power distribution panel design

• Determining transformer sizes for power distribution

• Designing the life safety and emergency panel

• Determining earth protection requirements

• Switchgear sizing


Power Distribution Systems


• Power and lighting load determination on the basis of actual connected equipment with appropriate demand/diversity factors

• Determining the total power requirements

• Determining power factor correction requirements

• Determining the main transformer requirements

• Determining the size of generators

Determining the HV equipments, metering and protective switchgear requirements

• Determining cable trays and trenches and their optimum path

• Switchgear sizing

• Determining the cable and wire sizing

• Determining the one line diagram for distribution systems


Fire Protection Systems


• Determining the numbers of circuits and device types according to defined areas

• Determining the integration requirements with respect to annunciation, automatic dialling and building management systems

• Fire detector, enunciator, manual points and panel layout

• Control diagram for remote panels and main panels

• Riser diagrams and schematics

• Device and panel schedule

• Control circuits for integration with building management systems




• Complete building automations systems tailored to specific requirements and manufacturers

• Telecom room layouts

• Audio Video Systems Design

• Security, access control, intrusion detection and CCTV systems

• CATV systems

• Intercom systems

• Paging systems

• Clock networks


Network Cabling Systems


• Category 3, 5e, 6, and 6a solutions

• Cable assemblies and patch cords

• Cable mapping, trouble-shooting and certification of new and existing systems

• Fibre optic cabling networks (including desktop and backbone cabling)

• OTDR and TDR testing

• ISDN and WAN - router, frame relay, private connections

• LAN - Ethernet switches, hubs, routers and gateways

Intelligent building systems

• Network design and implementation

• Voice systems (analogue, digital & VoIP)


Wi-Fi & Cellular Wireless Services


• Wireless network feasibility studies, Wi-Fi, cellular and RFID site surveys and reports

• Wireless network design and CAD drafting

• Wireless network installations and integrations

• Wireless security and performance audits

• Spectrum analysis and radio wave propagation studies

• Wireless hardware configuration

• Software and firmware upgrades