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For over 35 years, the Net Electric team has been building and driving solutions for commercial, industrial & heavy construction electrical contracting


Today, they’ve pooled their experience and formed Net Electric’s Building Automation Systems and Controls Group, providing custom solutions for comfort, safety and energy efficiency to companies within the GTA and Southern Ontario.


Intelligent Building & Systems Management Evolution


Net Electric’s solutions are turnkey, custom designed, cost-effective and easily operable. Above all, they’re measurable, providing precise energy systems management solutions developed to not only build efficiencies and track power consumption, but also to maximize your Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design (LEED) qualification.


In the past, building automation and systems management has been hampered by the lack of practical and affordable communications technologies. Now, with new methodologies and technologies we can facilitate turnkey automation for functions like:


• Building automation

• Environmental control

• Energy management and automatic meter readings

• Green/Clean building assessment and management

• HVAC control

• Lighting control

• Presence detection/access and movement control

• Life safety controls i.e. smoke and CO/CO₂.


Talented Team


The Net Electric Group is comprised of senior Systems Management Professionals, Electricians and LEED certified engineers, backed by software and hardware application consultants, six service vehicles and an installation division.


Together, they’re experienced in performing audits and identifying needs and pain points of your current system operation, in turn illustrating your inefficiencies, and indicating where and how you can reduce your carbon footprint/maximize your carbon credit solution.


The Process


Following a system/building audit we can provide a scalable mix of solutions tailored to your needs and or design objectives.


Net Electric solutions are sustainable, flexible and optimized with "Green/Clean" thinking and integrated solutions:


• Manage, monitor and control energy usage/power management

• Optimize energy intensity/power consumption

• Securely configure and monitor networked facilities through web-based interfaces

• Receive alarms and event notifications via email, mobile/smart phone, or pager

• Track movement and maximize lighting requirements or climate/HVAC control schedules at a facility, set of facilities, or the entire network

• Complement green/clean technology initiatives by monitoring solar collection and wind power generation

• Communications and intelligent control sequences for applicable utilities and components

• Energy management and electrical load shifting


Payback Considerations


• Energy cost reductions 16% to 24%

• Reduced runtime of equipment HVAC and lighting by up to 45%

• Reduced human surveillance

• Alarming on equipment failure or reduced performance style alerts

• Continuous load profiles and metering

• Enhanced security and communications with alarms to mobile/smart phones and pagers


Looking to Tomorrow


Net Electric believes in being prepared and planning for tomorrow.


• Newer/advanced electronic damper and valve control

• LAN and WIFI networking

• Ability to work with component and systems manufactures of roof-top chillers, variable air volume systems, lighting, etc.

• Integrated multiple power generating systems




Net Electric's project experience to date includes:


• Automotive plants

• Aircraft plants

• Airports

• Casinos

• Data centers

• High rise buildings for residential and commercial space

• Pharmaceutical

• Rail transit

• Recreation and community centers

• Stand-alone and strip malls

• Schools, colleges and universities


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